Shade Characteristics

General Information

OEM pleated shades, when used as a solitary treatment or in combination with draperies or curtains, complement any style design, while beautifully covering your windows. OEM pleated shades also conserve energy. An ultra-thin layer of aluminum, vacuum bonded to a lightweight material, is the essence of OEM's energy efficiency.

In cold - OEM pleated shades provide the insulating value of a double pane of glass. The most sheer metallized fabric has an "R" value of 1.92.

In heat - OEM pleated shades deflect most of the sun's rays, reducing solar heat 8% more than closed weave draperies. The most sheer metallized fabric, at the same time, allows most of the light through.

OEM metallized pleated fabric shades are available in these densities:

Translucent - Translucent fabric allows light in and doesn't obstruct the exterior view.
Diffusion - Softly diffuses light by day and adds a degree of privacy by night.
Opaque - The perfect choice where privacy is a factor.

All metallized pleated fabrics also provide:

Minimal cleaning since they are inherently anti-static and repel dust.
A neutral, uniform exterior appearance.
A compact stacking height.


Standard Pleated Shade and Hardware

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Reliable Shade Operation
Shades  are generally opened and closed thousands of times a year, so we have engineered ours for years of smooth, reliable performance. From a simple mounting bracket to a technologically superior motor-controlled system, every OEM component is rigorously tested and evaluated for durability and performance. We use only the highest quality materials.

Front Cordlock
For shades up to 8' wide, front cordlock may be specified. The front cordlock operates with an easy side-by-side lock/unlock motion. Cordlocks have all-nylon construction for tough, flexible action without cord abrasion.

Cord Duct
Shades 8' to 12' wide are held at the desired height by wrapping the cord around a tie-off cleat.

Continuous Cord Loop
Designed for larger shades. Cord loop and clutch assembly raise and lower shade to easily position
shade height.

Hardware Systems

Pull cords for standard and clutch type pleated shades shall be braided of 100% high tenacity polyester to .085" in diameter. Plisse cords used for tension and support for above shall be braided of 100% high tenacity polyester to .032" in diameter. All cords shall be color coordinated to complement shade fabrics.

Standard Hardware Type
Shall accept standard pleat and have head and bottom rails fabricated from corrosion resistant extruded aluminum. The maximum height and depth of the headrail shall not exceed 11/16" by 1 1/4" so as to fit into window mullions for inside, outside and projection mounting. Cordlocks shall consist of high temperature thermoplastic molded parts with a stainless steel locking device. Choice of left and right cordlock locations shall be available. For shades up to 96" wide and/or using up to eight support cords and 96" long the following is available:
       Front Cordlock shall be provided for crash proof operation with side-to-side lock/unlock
       motion of the pull cord.
       Cord Duct with tie-off cleat shall be provided to tie-off shade at any desired height.

Hardware Finishes
Exposed metal surfaces shall have anodized finish or electrostatically applied Duracron acrylic or similar coating. Colors shall be color coordinated to complement shade fabric.
Unexposed metal surfaces shall be plated for corrosion resistance.

Installation Fasteners
Manual clutch and motorized system brackets shall be tempered spring steel, zinc plated, for inside or outside mounting.

Standard Shade Measuring Procedures

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Standard Shade Measuring


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