Roller Fabric Shades

The OEM Shades roller shade utilizes high quality metalized and non-metalized fabric, designed to control the daylight. The roller shades give a clean, architectural look to your window both from the inside and from the outside.

The fabric is available in varying degrees of transparency. The high reflection values of the  metalized fabric make the roller shades a solution for all situations where light intensity or solar heat is a problem. The metalized fabric will improve the situation and offers a better working or living environment.

The roller shade systems, ranging from manual spring, endless chain control to motorized are easy to install and to operate. Where room darkening is required OEM's cassette system effectively keeps all light out.

Picture above shows Mermet M-screen Fabric Picture below shows Verosol Silver Screen Fabric

Roller Shade Fabric Types
(Non-Metalized Fabric)
Avila (blackout)
Flocke (blackout)
(Metalized Fabric)
816 Transparent
812 Semi-Transparent
849 Semi-Transparent
878 Non-Transparent
982 Blackout
Verosol Brand
 Silver Screen 
 Metalized Fabric

Solar Heat and Light Control

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Roller Shade Images Using Mermet Non-Metalized Fabric:
Roller Shade Images Using Verosol Metalized Fabric:
FRR1995-001.jpg (87751 bytes)

Width and Length Dimensions:
Minimum Width: 12" Maximum Width: 121"
Minimum Length: 18" Maximum Length: 120"

Types of Roller Shades:
Standard Clutch System- All clutches mounted on the right side of the shade unless otherwise requested. Spring loaded control system is available upon request.
Round Cassette System- Uses standard clutch system with sculptured cassette cover. Available in white, anodized silver, and black.
Square Cassette System- Uses standard clutch system with square cassette profile cover. Available in white, black, and anodized silver.
Heavy Duty Square Rollbox- Heavy gauge aluminum cover using the standard clutch system. For heavy commercial applications. Available in white bronze and anodized silver.

Measuring Instructions (PDF Format)

Installation Instructions (PDF Format)

Product Features and Benefits:

General Characteristics:

Metal roller tube is standard on all shades.
Aluminum bottom hem rail is standard on roller shades.
Push button release for easy installation and removal.
Aluminum bottom rail will not warp or break. Gives the roller shade a neat finished appearance.
Clutch system (internal) slides in metal roller tube. Only chain wheel and housing are visible.
Clutch control is operated by a continuous chain loop. System starts and stops easily. Eliminates hands from touching shade material, keeping it clean and wrinkle free.
Proper brackets will be sent based upon the diameter of the shade. If you require more clearance between the window and the shade, either request extension brackets, which adds 1/2" clearance beyond the standard bracket and or have the shade roll reversed.
Valance Options:  
Clear edge round wrap.  
Adorn edge round wrap.  
Available only on standard system.
Side Profiles:
Available only with round or small profile cassettes.
Side Profiles provide a completely framed look while evenly guiding the fabric up and down.
Side profiles are available in white, black, and anodized silver.



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