Angle Shades Measuring Instructions

Angle Shade Configurations

PIC15A.JPG (8354 bytes)
1 Angle Top 

PIC15B.JPG (24595 bytes)
1 Angle top & 
Standard Shade

PIC15C.JPG (13672 bytes)
1 Angle Bottom

PIC15E.JPG (16793 bytes)
1 Triangle Top

PIC15G.JPG (13910 bytes)
Flat Top Triangle

PIC15D.JPG (26586 bytes)
2 Angle Top &  Bottom

PIC15F.JPG (18664 bytes)
2 Angle Top &
Bottom and 1 
Standard Shade


Measuring for Angle Windows

Inside mount
Provide template of shade and provide the following inside measurements:
1. Narrowest Width
2. H1 (Height of Shortest Side)
3. H2 (Height of Longest Side)
4. Length of slant/diagonal

Outside Mount
Sketch diagram of shade shape and provide the following outside measurements:
1. Width
2. H1 (Height of Shortest Side.)
3. H2 (Height of Longest Side.)
4. Length of Slant/Diagonal.

Note: Allow a minimum of 2" above frame for installation brackets.

Special Ordering Information

Specify "angle top","angle bottom","triangle top","flat-top triangle."
Specify standard shade separately.
Attach template of shade shapes.
Specify exact measurements.

Maximum recommended width: 96"
Contact OEM Shades Inc. for wider widths.

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