Arch Shades Measuring

PIC17A.JPG (13157 bytes)
Standard Arch
PIC17B.JPG (6795 bytes)
Quarter Arch
PIC17C.JPG (13175 bytes)
Standard Arch
Above Standard Shade
PIC17D.JPG (26106 bytes)
Standard Arch Above
 2 Standard Shades


Measuring for Arches and Quarter circles:

Provide a template of shade shape and provide the following measurements:
1. Base Width.
2. Height at Center
3. For outside mount, add minimum 1" to width and 1/2" to height

Contact OEM for our special measuring instructions on making a template. Maximum recommended arch width is 96".

*Height must equal one-half of width for shade to be constructed. For any other proportions contact OEM for availability.

Measuring for Arch Shade Above Standard Window(s)

Provide a template of installation and provide:
1. Arch measurements as per above.
2. Measurements required for standard windows.

For windows wider than 36", check to make sure there is a cross member between arch
and standard window to accommodate installation brackets.

Special Ordering Information
1. Specify "Arch", "Quarter Circle".
2. Specify standard shade separately.
3. Include diagram of shade shape with exact measurements requested.

Installation Note: Arch shades come with hooks for perimeter installation:
standard rail brackets for base.


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