Controlling the Daylight With Verosol
 Human requirements as to the quality of the working environment, are often expressed by the thermal and visual comfort. The optimal conditions in terms of thermal comfort can easily be described as the neutral perception of the interior climate, where occupants do not feel the need for change towards warmer or colder conditions. Visual comfort however, is not as easily described. Rather than referring to a state of neutral perception of the interior environment, it is related to "receiving a message". Aspects connected to natural daylight like glare, luminance ratios, light intensity and contact to the world outside all have their influence on our perception of 'visual comfort.

Verosol's sun shading solutions can play a major role in controlling the above mentioned effects of direct sunlight, as the metallized fabrics which form the core of the Verosol products have excellent sun shading properties. They can effectively contribute to better working climate thus enabling the occupants of any office to work comfortably and thereby improving productivity.

From here on, we will concentrate on visual comfort or discomfort, because the combination of Verosol sun shading products and glazing plays a major role in this field. A number of aspects that relate to visual comfort and the role played by Verosol sun shading products will be dealt with:

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