Fabric Types

Below are samples of the fabric colors we currently carry. Click on any of the images below for a larger image and fabric explanation. Actual colors may vary due to variations in color monitors. We will send you a sample swatch of any fabric of interest. Just E-mail or phone at address or number listed below.

Fabric Characteristics

Metallized Fabrics
Pearls.gif (12073 bytes)spruces.gif (8642 bytes)raspberrys.gif (8369 bytes)
blacks.jpg (15107 bytes)
Wedgewoods.gif (9300 bytes)Almonds.gif (10034 bytes)
parchments.gif (11507 bytes)
alpacas.jpg (11758 bytes)


Non Metallized Fabrics
vanillas.gif (9393 bytes)vanillas.jpg (5642 bytes)white_eyelet_laces.jpg (21225 bytes)
gardenias.gif (19560 bytes)
jasmines.gif (15048 bytes)magnolias.gif (13257 bytes)
alabasters_day.jpg (3092 bytes)

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