SSLT Lift and Tilt Blind
Internal Glass Blind System


  The SSLT is a  magnetically coupled lift and tilt aluminum mini-blind for installation in sealed insulated glass packages. The blind is controlled by two externally mounted magnet assemblies, which are coupled to corresponding internal magnet assemblies. Moving the outer tilt operator to the left or right will cause the blind slats to rotate. Moving the outer lift operator down will cause the blind to raise and moving it up will cause the blind to lower.

Model SSLT Raise/Lower Control Slide                

The unique design of the blinds decreases internal heating by limiting amounts of infrared and UV radiation. This aids in controlling expensive air conditioning costs.

Model SSLT Tilt Control Slide

  SSLT Specifications
The SSLT model requires a .750 internal glass airspace. Slats are made of aluminum alloy 6010-T8, 12.5mm (.500") x .008", and are painted with a polyester ultraviolet high resistant finish. A 3/4" air gap is needed for the blind to operate.

Spacer System Box
Max Glass Thickness 1/8 Inch
Min/Max Width 14/45 Inches *(see chart)
Min/Max Length 16/89 Inches *(see chart)
Operator Type Slides (1 for lift, 1 for tilt)

Available Colors(12.5mm slats):


0102 White

(Click for larger image of color slats)

Additional Information:

SSLT Specifications Document

SSLT Production Chart

Slide Operator Types

SSLT Installation Instructions

Order Form

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Pricing and Delivery:

Contact OEM Blinds LLC. for pricing.

Delivery is 3 weeks from receipt of order for all sizes except specials. Contact OEM for deliver information.



Blind repair or replacement only:

        * 10 years when not exposed to greater than 220 F.

* Outside operator ( 0219L) - 1 year.

 * Outside lift operators and channels - 1 year.

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