Angle Shades

anglel.gif(114539 bytes)

A-Frame, Angle-Top, Angle-Bottom, Octagonal & Hexagonal windows.
Shade will open and stack to just below beginning of angled portion.
Angled portion of shade remains stationary.
Outside mounting recommended. Shades hang plumb.

Angle Shades Measuring Instructions

Inside mount
Provide template of shade and provide the following inside measurements:
1. Narrowest Width
2. H1 (Height of Shortest Side)
3. H2 (Height of Longest Side)
4. Length of slant/diagonal

Outside Mount
Sketch diagram of shade shape and provide the following outside measurements:
1. Width
2. H1 (Height of Shortest Side.)
3. H2 (Height of Longest Side.)
4. Length of Slant/Diagonal.

Note: Allow a minimum of 2" above frame for installation brackets.

Angle Shade Configurations

PIC15A.JPG (8354 bytes)
1 Angle Top 

PIC15B.JPG (24595 bytes)
1 Angle top & 
Standard Shade

PIC15C.JPG (13672 bytes)
1 Angle Bottom

PIC15E.JPG (16793 bytes)
1 Triangle Top

PIC15G.JPG (13910 bytes)
Flat Top Triangle

PIC15D.JPG (26586 bytes)
2 Angle Top &  Bottom

PIC15F.JPG (18664 bytes)
2 Angle Top &
Bottom and 1 
Standard Shade




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