Between Glass Blind System


  The P2 tilt-only mini blind is for installation on already existing window surfaces. The glass package remains unsealed, allowing it to be removed from the window. A control  knob or removable key operator operates the blind slats, allowing them to be positioned to any horizontal angle.

P2 Blind Control Knob

Conveniently attaches to and can removed from pre-existing windows. Enclosed in a protective layer of glass, damage from everyday use becomes virtually obsolete.


  P2 - 5/8" and 1" Model Specifications
The 5/8" and 1" between the glass (for removable glass panels) blind requires a minimum 3/4" airspace. The slat is aluminum alloy with a pre-coating treatment to bond the polyester baked enamel finish. The finish includes dust and stain inhibitors for a durable finish.

Spacer System Box
Min/Max Width 15/108 Inches
Min/Max Length 15/96  Inches
Operator Types Knob and Removable Key


Available Colors(5/8" and 1" Slats):


Contact OEM Blinds For Available Colors

Additional Information:

P2 5/8" Specifications Document

P2 1" Specifications Document

Order Form

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Pricing and Delivery:

Contact OEM Blinds LLC. for pricing.

Delivery is 3 weeks from receipt of order for all sizes except specials. Contact OEM for delivery information.



10 Year Warranty on P2 Blinds.

* Material- Ten year warranty on the material.

* Components - Ten year warranty on the headrail and other components that are defective in material and workmanship for the duration of the reasonable life (five years) of this product. Reasonable life assumes normal wear, which excludes exended exposure to the outside environment when the blind is installed between screen and glass. (see warranty statement).

* Operators - 1 year.



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