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Windows and Doors Equipped with * Double Glazing Panel

OEM's pleated between the glass shades work beautifully on Pella* windows and doors. By allowing you to control light and privacy, pleated shades provide still another design to accent the home.

OEM's pleated shades are available for nearly all of Pella's* windows and doors, whether windows are equipped with double glazing panels or insulating glass. For special applications with uniquely shaped windows, pleated shades may either be fixed or partially functional.


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Whether your installing new windows or simply want a fresh look for the Pella* windows and doors you already have, OEM's pleated shades offer just the touch you're after.
With their fashionable appearance, decorator colors, designer fabrics and dependable operation, pleated shades are a beautiful alternative to curtains and drapes or conventional blinds.
Depending on the style of a Pella* window or door, there are two ways you can install pleated shades: between the exterior pane and the double glazing panel, or "roomside" with insulating glass. You can even use these distinctive shades on windows fitted with the Rolscreen* rolling screens.
Pleated shades open smoothly to any position with a simple draw cord. When completely raised, they fold into a small space to give you full light and an unobstructed view. Pleated shades also help reduce heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter.

Maintenance and cleaning are easy with pleated shades. When positioned between the panes of a double glazing panel, pleated shades are protected from dust and dirt. Whether they're mounted between the panes or roomside, the special anti-static feature makes it possible to use a vacuum for quick cleaning. Pleated shades can even be washed with mild soap.

OEM's pleated shades offer a wide variety of fabrics and colors to choose from. Our opaque fabrics for the greatest light control include: Almond, Pearl, Winter White and Vanilla. Our sheer fabric, Parchment, gently filters the light. Textured fabrics such as Hammered Silk Magnolia, Jasmine, and White Eyelet Lace, provide elegant decorating options. A number of pleated shade fabrics are also available with a special aluminized backing. This feature helps reduce heat gain in the summer, and heat loss in the winter. Pleated shades with aluminized backing are used mainly with skylights and the sloped glazing panels of sunrooms and sunroofs.

For a look at some of the fabrics available click on the following link: Fabric Sample Page

Pleated Shade Types Available:


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